Dinosaurs Pteranodon 11" Plush - B01IAJ53WW

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  • Approximately 11" in size

  • Widespread wings with extra material detailing

  • Large pointed beak with embroidered smile

  • Multicoloured orange, red, and brown plush fabric adds extra character

  • Dinosaur comes with lock-washer bolted eyes, safer vs traditional sewn-on eyes

  • Size :11"

    Aurora world’s dinosaurs are back from the Jurassic, Triassic, and many other "assics". Taking advantage of unique fabrics, the high quality stitching and range of stuffing density creates designs while maintaining a soft cuddly feel. To accent the natural features of each dinosaur, stiff fabric is used for teeth, beaks, horns, and bone plates. The bright coloured, low pile fabric sets these dinosaurs apart and sparks imagination for an extra-special playtime. Aurora’S commitment to design and top quality assembly mean that these dinosaurs are made to last through many adventures and stories.

    Dinosaurs Pteranodon 11" Plush - B01IAJ53WW

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