Star Wars Backpack Buddies: Wicket Ewok - B004XWZRR2

  • $64.25


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  • Size: Standard

  • Officially licensed

  • Plush Ewok shaped backpack

  • Zipper reveals storage compartment

  • Brown shoulder straps

  • Size :Standard

    Sure, you COULD head to the second moon of Endor is search of Wicket the Ewok to be your best pal. The only problem with that is, we currently have problems making a round trip to Mars, so it might take a couple of lifetimes to reach a galaxy far, far away in the kind of spaceships that current technology allows. We're working on making a real Millennium Falcon, but until we can figure out the hyperdrive propulsion system, you might just have to settle for this Ewok shaped back buddy. He does carry your stuff around like a real one does, and he looks just as adorable, so it's really not too bad of a compromise. - Plush Backpack

    Star Wars Backpack Buddies: Wicket Ewok - B004XWZRR2

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